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Two travelers notebooks next to porcelain snow-covered fir trees
Plastic card holder & zipper pouch, shown holding collectible stamps.
Leather tag engraved "AUSTIN" with a star, next to small ring and chain.
Enlarged view of notebook tab closure.
Two travelers notebooks next to porcelain snow-covered fir trees.
Undyed travelers notebook with Aztec eagle on cover.
Sold Out Be You Butterfly leather notebooks.
Undyed travelers notebook with black zinnia on cover.
Undyed travelers notebook with bluebonnet design on front, shown with a background of live bluebonnets.
Cathedral Rose travelers notebooks on a small table.
Cardinal travelers notebook with the shape of Germany dyed into the cover.
Purple travelers notebook with the shape of Texas dyed into the front cover.
Sold Out Size chart of notebook cover dimensions, in inches when open and laid flat: Tiny 6 3/4 x 4 5/8, Passport 8 1/2 x 5 1/2, Pocket 8 5/8 x 6, A6 9 3/4 x 6 1/2, Personal 9 1/4 x 7 1/4, B6 11 3/4 x 7 1/2, Regular 10 1/2 x 8 3/4, Wide 12 x 8 3/4, A5 13 1/8 x 9, Jumbo 17 x 10 1/4.
Sold Out Red Pen Travelers Customized Logo Leather Traveler's Notebook, shown with a black pen and a pink pen.
Elastic colors: black, gray, cardinal, tan, espresso, marigold, cream, pine, aqua, midnight, lilac, purple, hot pink.
Pine travelers notebook with "The world is your oyster" dyed into a globe on the cover. Turquoise elastic and pen.
Midnight travelers notebook with the shape of Texas half-covered in water dyed into the cover, with cardinal elastic.
Undyed travelers notebook with Hidden Village design on the cover.
Three navy travelers notebook inserts with two black pens.
Midnight shape of Texas on an undyed notebook; large turquoise "J" on an undyed notebook.
Travelers notebooks with "Seek", "Boss Babe", and "Carpe Diem" dyed into the covers.
Midnight travelers notebook with eight phases of the moon dyed into a circle on the cover; Field Notes insert with a crescent moon on the cover; black pen; silver stars hanging in background.
"We Can Do It" Rosie the Riveter poster next to a pine and undyed travelers notebook featuring the same words and design with turquoise elastic.
Travelers notebook sizes: Wide, Jumbo, Personal, A5, Pocket, Regular, Pocket, Tiny, Passport, A6, Pocket, B6.
Pine travelers notebook with a large "R" dyed into the cover, sitting on two antique nooks with a red and black pen, behind an apple and next to a solid black travelers notebook.
Woman reading a Coffee Tasting Journal.