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It's Bigger Than Big. It's Massive.

Brace yourself, because the forecast says that this week's update is really going to blow your hair back. I've been quietly and busily working on this update for weeks, and it's MASSIVE! 

New designs in the shop this week: Arizona (remember you can choose any state here) and a Fleur de Lis! You don't even have to live in Louisiana to think this one's pretty. Special thanks to my sweet mother-in-law for requesting this design for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and inspiring me to add it to the shop.

Ashamed of your state? It's okay, we all have to be from somewhere. But if you wish you'd been born in Timbuktu instead, skip the state outline and choose classic solid colors that are appropriate anywhere. Even in the corporate boardroom.

Change up your notebook: Add metal eyelets! This adds another level of durability to your notebook, and let's be frank, it just looks massively cool.

And finally... make your notebook BIGGER: upgrade from pocket size to the classic Midori dimensions, or go full-on Texas-sized with the Wide notebook!

Make your purchase count: The Heart For Africa traveler’s notebooks will continue to be available throughout October, with sales helping to fund a November mission to Uganda. Get it while you can!

If you're still able to wiggle your fingers after that shocking flood of shop news, then use them to tag your Instagram photos with #RedPenTN so they'll pop up in my feed! It absolutely makes my day when I see your notebooks out in the real world.

Until next week, travel light!



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