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Good News for Connecticut Yankees AND the Deep South

Here I am again with a quick update from the Red Pen Travelers workshop!

New designs in the shop this week: Connecticut, Florida, and Mississippi (remember you can choose any state here). And a reminder from last week's epic update: you can upgrade your notebook from pocket size to the classic Midori dimensions, or go full-on Texas-sized with the Wide notebook!

Make your purchase count: The Heart For Africa traveler’s notebooks will continue to be available throughout October, with sales helping to fund a November mission to Uganda. Get it while you can! We'll switch to a new country and new project in November. (If you've been paying attention on Instagram, you've already seen a sneak peek of the next #BorderCrossingsTN project!)

Next week: While today's update is on the slim side, you can look forward to a nice big giveaway coming soon (watch for details on Instagram in the next few days or so), a postcard project, and a flash sale to kick off the Christmas shopping season. Can't you already hear the jingle bells?

Until next week, travel light!


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