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No more sad empty notebooks!

It's a big year and I have big news.


As much as I love to ship out a beautiful new traveler’s notebook, a little detail about it has always bugged me. I find myself a bit irritated because it’s empty. Like many traveler’s notebook users, I’m a big fan of efficient solutions, and knowing that my customers had to shop separately for inserts for their beautiful-but-incomplete notebooks didn’t seem very streamlined to me.

That’s one reason I’m delighted to announce that efficiency has arrived, in the form of Taroko Shop! Steven and I have partnered to bring you an assortment of high-quality inserts, including blank Kraft booklets, Daily and Monthly planners, and other accessories, including inserts made from highly desirable Tomoe River paper. (I think it’s the smoothest, silkiest paper I’ve ever touched, and it’s perfect for fountain pen users!)

There’s even more variety coming soon; watch for new additions throughout the month of January. You can shop the entire Taroko Design collection right here.

New Notebook Sizes

I’m doubling the number of notebook sizes, with Passport and A5 sizes available now and Personal size coming this month. And, now each size can be selected in a Flush or Roomy fit!

If you prefer for the edge of your leather notebook to be even with your paper inserts, choose Flush; if you like to have extra width to allow for page tabs, pens, or just to stuff your notebook with more inserts, choose Roomy. See more information, including specific dimensions, in each product description.


To celebrate the new sizes, it’s time for a giveaway! How about a chance to win your very own A5 traveler’s notebook, stuffed with a year’s worth of inkWELL Press quarterly planners? To enter, simply subscribe to my weekly email before Saturday, January 9th, and watch my Instagram this week for ways to increase your chances to win.

Border Crossings Notebooks

Border Crossings notebooks were formerly available only in limited sizes and colors, and for a limited time, but I’m shaking all that up too. Order in any size or color indefinitely, and part of your purchase will help fund important work in Africa and Haiti. Watch for more countries and specific projects in the coming months!

Speaking of Haiti, humanitarian photojournalist Allison Mayer featured her Red Pen Travelers notebook this week! She’s a delight, and a wonderful visual storyteller. Check her out here.

I hope your 2016 is off to a productive and hopeful start. I can't wait to see where we go together this year.

Travel light,


P.S. If you’re still looking for a planner to help you get your head and heart in order each day, check out our very own Mindful Day Printable Planner!

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