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Time to Indulge!

Just in time for the restrained season of Lent, there are almost no sugary treats left in my house... because I've been having my own personal Mardi Gras and I ate it all. (And I'm living to regret it, I assure you. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say I'm actually looking forward to the more disciplined season of Lent!)

Thankfully, I discovered an indulgence that doesn't leave me tired, headachy, and reproaching myself. Pengems are smooth-writing refillable pens with a special sparkle that makes writing fun!

Of course I had to get a red pen for myself, and I picked out some goodies to share too, so watch for Pengems to show up in future giveaways! But I know you'll want to pick out your own favorite, so go check out Pengems here for yourself.

Speaking of giveaways, congratulations to @adrenalinejunkee for winning the February giveaway on Instagram! I'm excited to create a special Spell It Out notebook just for her!

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