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Hello, Travelers!

If there's one thing we Texans go gaga over, it's our state flower. All winter long (such as it is, in Texas), we wait for spring and share hopeful predictions that "the bluebonnets are gonna be good this year."

Texas State Flower Bluebonnet

But even if dry winter weather means the spring wildflowers are puny, we hardly take notice. Ever since March 7th, 1901, when it was declared the state flower, we've treasured that little blue blossom.

People flock from all over the state to country roadsides, plunking newborn babies and teenagers alike on blankets amidst the flowers, in hopes of snapping the perfect bluebonnet photo (just keep a lookout for the fire ants).

I'm waxing a tad sentimental over a little blue flower, I know, but after living elsewhere for nearly a decade, it's a thrill to my native Texan heart to be back home for bluebonnet season this year. I can't wait to take my new doggie out for a Sunday drive and hope he'll sit still long enough to take a picture. ;-)

For all you proud Texans, or the ones who are still homesick this spring, I am grinning with glee as I present to you the brand new Bluebonnet Traveler's Notebook.

Our exclusive bluebonnet design is painted by hand in shimmering colors and is available on every size notebook except Tiny.

I hope this notebook design will be a year-round reminder of the glories of a Texas spring, whether you live near or far or somewhere in between. And if you manage to make it out to the countryside and take a bluebonnet photo, I'd love to see it!

Thanks for traveling the back roads of Texas with me this week; I sure appreciate having you along for the ride.


P.S. A Tidbit of Toni Trivia: I called my first car Bluebonnet Lady. (Yes, I name my cars. It's fun.)  

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