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"Hell or High Water" Hurricane Harvey Update + Etsy Sale


Hello, friends,

I've been quiet for a while and the shop was in vacation mode for about ten days, so we're overdue for an update.

You can see everything in this video (about ten minutes long), but if you don't have time or can't watch right now, I'll hit the high spots below. 

Here are some quick points from the video:

  • We're safe and dry; Austin is pretty far inland and got about six inches of rain but not much else from Hurricane Harvey. My family in the Houston area are all safe and (mostly) dry too.
  • The shop vacation was longer than intended, due to uncertainties around the storm, but it's fully open now.
  • Etsy is hosting their first ever site-wide sale for Labor Day weekend, so you can order from my shop and many many others at a discount for the next few days.
  • I'd been planning a second anniversary sale, but have postponed it a bit. Email insiders will have early access when it's ready to launch.

The biggest news is the launch of the new Hell or High Water notebook with proceeds going to support hurricane relief. See it in the video and get details here.

Hell or High Water handmade leather notebook all profits donated to Texas Hurricane Harvey relief

If you have lost your notebook due to the storm, I'd love to help replace it. Tell me your story! And if you know of someone whose notebook was destroyed, I would be delighted to help you adopt that person and get a new notebook for them. Please let me know your stories and ideas, and I will do my best for you!

I'm so very thankful for each of you.

Travel light,


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