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How to Soften Your Leather Notebook

I've received quite a few questions recently about the firmness of our leather notebooks, and how to make them softer.

The leather I use starts out quite firm but will relax and soften over time, especially with frequent use. You can accelerate that process somewhat by conditioning the leather more frequently than usual (monthly is probably plenty to get that started). You can see a video about how to do that here. Other than that, just use your notebook and that will help a lot!

Travelers notebooks in basket near vase of flowers

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that various kinds of leather differ in texture and pliability. Some leathers are very soft and others are firm, even when thoroughly broken in, usually due to the type of tanning and processing used. You can see more info on leather types here.

For all of this information and much more, review the Before You Order page. If you have questions that aren't answered there or in the FAQ section, you can contact us here


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