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About Red Pen Travelers

Welcome! I'm Toni Gatlin and I make customized leather notebooks to help you capture your ideas, organize your schedule, inspire your creativity, and take control of your life.

The traveler's notebook concept is a delightfully simple and infinitely customizable analog system that can bring all your scraps of paper into one notebook. It consists of a leather cover strung with elastic straps that can hold a variety of removable and interchangeable paper booklets.


Red Pen notebooks are available in ten sizes, ten-plus cover patterns, a dozen dye colors, and with several premium options to create a handcrafted, completely customized notebook. Your life isn’t like anyone else’s; shouldn’t your notebook be unique too? 

How Red Pen Travelers Came To Be

For many years, I lived away from my place of birth and, like any proud Texan, wanted to keep reminders of my heritage close.

I was enamored of the traveler's notebook concept, but none of the makers I found were offering a Texas-themed version. So, I set out to create my own. It required some trial and error… okay, a LOT of trial and error! But I eventually perfected the process, and even though I’d made the original Texas notebook of my dreams, I couldn’t stop making more and more notebooks.

I eventually ran out of friends and family to take them and realized that along with making my notebooks, I'd accidentally created a handcrafted business as well!



I quickly expanded the collection to soothe the homesick hearts of people from all 50 states, support globetrotting travelers, and serve even more special interests with unique designs.

I’m a lifelong maker who is never happier than when I’m figuring out a creative solution to a puzzling task, and I’ve always been a lover of books, paper, and pens (they don’t call me Miss Red Pen for nothing!). As a working adult, I also developed a strong interest in productivity and personal development.


Toni Gatlin of Red Pen Travelers Handcrafted Leather Notebooks


Launching Red Pen Travelers has been the perfect blend of these interests, allowing me to exercise my resourcefulness as I develop customized leather notebooks for you.


Find Out More & Stay Up To Date

I'd love to hear from you! I'm delighted to consider custom orders, so do let me know your creative ideas.

I share nifty stuff and exclusive discounts and announcements in occasional email updates. I promise not to flood your inbox, but email you only when I have something meaningful to share.

You can connect with me wherever you like to hang out online:

  • Facebook: Where I resist the temptation to post puppy videos and instead share interesting links about books, planning and productivity, writing, and analog pursuits.
  • InstagramTake a peek into my workroom at the steady stream of customized notebooks and inspiration. It's fun over there!
  • YouTube: Because sometimes showing is better than telling.

About Toni

I'm now back home in Texas where I live in Austin with my husband and our little rescue mutt named Buddy. Hubs provides design expertise and I do all the leathercraft and run the business, while Buddy contributes to general office cheer. When I'm not working  (and sometimes even when I am!), I'm listening to a good audiobook or watching a British costume drama.

Toni Gatlin and Buddy