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Do you offer loyalty or referral rewards?

YES! You can sign up for the points program here. Simply create a store account and you’ll begin earning points to discount your future purchases. You can earn points both by making purchases yourself and by referring friends to Red Pen Travelers. Enter your birthday month and you’ll get extra points then as well.


When do your notebooks go on sale?

I offer big sales with deep discounts only for a few days, twice per year: in midsummer and just before the winter holiday season. You’re welcome to create your own exclusive discounts all year long by using the Perks program mentioned above, and you can also hop on my email list to receive occasional exclusive insider-only discounts.


Help! I don’t know which color [dye/hardware/elastic] to choose!

The decision is entirely yours, but it can help a lot to know what others have chosen.

  • My most popular classic dye is Mahogany, and my most popular of what I call the "fashion" colors is Turquoise.
  • My best-selling small size is Pocket, and my best-selling large size is a tie between Wide and A5.
  • For warmer/redder colors like Mahogany, I like to use brushed brass hardware. For cooler/bluer colors like Turquoise, I like brushed nickel.
  • A few dyes that I think look especially beautiful with the Shimmer option are Mahogany, Cardinal, Charcoal, and Turquoise.
  • Most dyes have corresponding elastic colors available, but contrasting colors can be really nice too. I think Red elastic looks great on Marigold, Midnight, Black, Charcoal, and Butterscotch notebooks.


I don’t think my order notes went through! What happened?!

Your order notes with color selections, etc. may not be included in the order confirmation receipt you will receive by email. Don't panic! There’s no need to send them to me separately. I do receive the relevant notes when processing your order, though you may wish to make a separate note of your customization choices to keep for your own reference.


I don’t have much experience with custom leather goods. What should I expect from my notebook?

There’s a lot to know about leather! I’ve gathered the most helpful information for you right here on a page filled with videos and charts and photos to help you envision your notebook and make exactly the right choices.


How long will it take to get my order?

Customized notebooks

Expect delivery around 3 weeks from your order date for customized leather items. This includes up to two weeks for the creation of your notebook, as well as transit time in the postal system. I know you’re eager to receive your notebook, so I work to ship orders as swiftly as possible. If there will be a significant delay in shipping your order, I’ll keep you updated.

In-stock paper goods (no leather items)

Orders that include only in-stock paper goods ship within 2 business days.

Orders on Etsy

Orders for quick-ship items in the Etsy shop ship within 2 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

I no longer ship internationally, but you are welcome to ship to any US address, including those offered by parcel forwarding services.

How much will I pay for domestic shipping?

Shipping is a flat $5 on orders under $100. Orders totalling $100 or more qualify for free shipping.

Which shipping carriers do you use?

My father is a 33-year veteran of the United States Postal Service. As an homage to him, as well as to keep costs reasonable for quick and reliable service, I ship exclusively through USPS Priority Mail. All packages are tracked and insured, and usually arrive to US locations in about 3 days.

Help! My package should have been here by now!

Once I hand a package over to the USPS, I no longer have any control over it. I don’t have insider information, either; I have access to exactly the same tracking information as you do, and we’re in the same regrettable position of being unable to do anything to find out more or speed up the delivery.

Sometimes (rarely!) unfortunate things happen: mail trucks are misrouted, weather causes delays, packages are damaged, or labels become unreadable. If your shipment is taking longer than expected, the best thing to do is to contact your neighborhood post office (or ask your letter carrier) and see if they can check on it for you in the local office.

If your parcel is taking more than two weeks in transit-- the point at which the USPS considers a package to possibly be lost-- contact me at with your tracking information and I will request an investigation.

If the package containing your notebook is truly lost or damaged in transit, rest assured that I will replace it for you. In two years of sending hundreds of packages, I’ve only had one package lost in the mail… and even that one eventually showed up a month later!  


Customized items are NOT eligible for return, except in the very rare case of manufacturing defect (such as wrong size or color). If I have fulfilled your order in error, I will gladly make it right; please send photos and an explanation to

Natural imperfections in the leather are NOT considered defects, nor are the slight variations that are characteristic of handcrafted items. As we are not engaged in mass production, each item is completely unique and even notebooks cut from the exact same cowhide will not be identical.

If your notebook turns out to not be a good fit for your purposes, please take advantage of the thriving travelers notebook resale market in various buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook and elsewhere.