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Red Pen Travelers

Aztec Eagle Leather Traveler's Notebook

$ 47.00

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A mighty warrior bird, revered by the ancients...    

Our unique masking process creates the pattern of an original tattoo by Ben Harbuck of Black Spot Tattoo Company. The tattoo design is permanently dyed into the leather, and there is nothing to chip off, peel up, or wear away.

The surrounding leather is left undyed to contrast with the black tattoo design; the interior is undyed and the edges of the notebook are dyed black. The notebook is finished off with black elastic cord. 

Sorry, this design is too intricate to be placed on the Tiny notebook.

Additional options:

  • Conceal the elastic cords and create a book-like cover by adding a Premium Spine.
  • Get extra elastic for color variety or to piggyback additional inserts in your notebook cover.


You'll need to know about choosing the correct size notebook and finding inserts. Find everything you need to know right here (by placing your order, you attest that you have read and understand this page).

Still have questions? Please make your selections carefully, as customized items are not eligible for return for any reason except for manufacturing defects. 


Your order notes may not be included in the order confirmation receipt you will receive by email. Don't panic! I do receive the notes when processing your order, though you may wish to make a separate note of your customization choices for your own reference.

Use the menu options at the top of the page to make your size choice, and then copy and paste the following section into your order notes, inserting your own choices as needed to construct your order. For example:

EYELET COLOR (if selected): Brushed Brass

STAMPED LETTERING (up to 4 characters, if desired): BH

LEATHER WEIGHT (4-5 oz or 6-7 oz): 6-7 oz


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