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Elastic Cord by the Yard to Restring Your Notebook or Piggyback Additional Inserts (13 Colors)

$ 1.00

Can't decide on a single elastic color for your traveler's notebook? Choose additional yardage and then change it out whenever you like! Use the cord to restring your fauxdori, or to create loops to piggyback more inserts into your notebook. Make your choice from 13 solid colors of sturdy 2mm elastic cord, plus NEW ombre rainbow!


  • Black
  • Gray: light dove gray
  • Cardinal: classic red
  • Tan: golden saddle tan
  • Espresso: deep coffee brown
  • Marigold: golden yellow
  • Cream
  • Pine: medium-dark green
  • Aqua: replaces the lighter color formerly available as Turquoise
  • Midnight: deep navy blue
  • Lilac
  • Purple
  • Hot Pink
  • Ombre Rainbow: bright, almost neon variegated colors

One yard of elastic is plenty to restring a Tiny, Passport, Pocket, A6, or Personal-sized traveler's notebook. Order two yards or more if you're restringing a larger notebook or if you want extra on hand to piggyback two inserts in the space of one. Your order will be sent as one continuous length of cord. 

To piggyback inserts: See image. Measure out a length of elastic that is twice the height of your insert and tie the ends together securely. Place this loop of elastic in the middle of two inserts (1) so that their spines are touching (2). Now slide the new piggybacked set under one of your notebook straps (3) and voilà, you’ve added two inserts (4) in the place of one.

Watch the video below to see how to condition and restring your notebook (restringing starts at the six-minute mark). 


All shipments originate in Austin, TX. Paper products and accessories ordered alone will ship within one business day. Paper products and accessories ordered with handmade leather traveler's notebooks will ship together upon completion of the leather goods (up to two weeks from the order date). If you wish to receive your accessory and/or paper products more quickly in a separate shipment from your leather items, please place two separate orders (one with paper items, one with leather).

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