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Red Pen Travelers

Mantra Leather Traveler's Notebook

$ 37.00

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Bring yourself back to center and remember what really matters by customizing your mantra on a handmade leather traveler's notebook.

Our unique masking process creates an area of undyed leather; select the color of the surrounding leather from a dozen beautiful dye options.  

Customize your notebook with a short phrase in a hand lettered-style fontSuggested phrases:    

  • Carpe Diem
  • Girl Boss
  • Let Go
  • Survivor
  • Wander
  • Seek
  • Or a name, initials, or significant date such as graduation or wedding  

Choose to either encircle your phrase or let it stand alone. Standalone phrases will be placed in the lower right front corner of all notebook sizes. On Tiny, Passport, Pocket, Personal, and A6 sizes, encircled designs will be placed in the center of the notebook's front cover. On B6, Regular, Wide, A5, and Jumbo covers, encircled designs will be placed in the lower right front corner of your notebook.

Phrase is limited to twelve characters and will be scaled to fit your notebook. Encircled designs are approximately three inches across. Please be aware that due to variations in word length and character shapes, not all customizations may be suitable for this design. In addition, we will not infringe on copyrighted phrases and we reserve the right to decline submissions that include profanity or that otherwise compromise our brand. To confirm the suitability of your desired phrase, please contact us before ordering. 

Choose a matte or shimmer dye color; shimmer dye adds pearlescent sheen and lightens the final color slightly. Accessorize by selecting from 9 colors of 2mm elastic cord and metal eyelets in 4 finishes (or skip eyelets altogether). Note: eyelets are NOT available on Tiny notebooks.

Additional options:

  • Conceal the elastic cords and create a book-like cover by adding a Premium Spine.
  • Get extra elastic for color variety or to piggyback additional inserts in your notebook cover.


You'll need to know about choosing the correct size notebook and obtaining inserts, selecting a color and personalization, and what to expect from and how to care for your handcrafted leather notebook. Find everything you need to know, including helpful videos, on this page; by placing your order, you attest that you have read and understand the information provided there.

Still have questions? Please make your selections carefully, as customized items are not eligible for return for any reason except for manufacturing defects.  


Use the menu options at the top of the page to make your size choice. Then copy and paste the following section into your order notes, inserting your own choices as needed to construct your order. For example:

PLACEMENT (standalone or encircled): Standalone 



DYE FINISH (matte or shimmer): Matte 

EYELET COLOR (if desired; eyelets are NOT available on Tiny notebooks): Brushed Brass


LEATHER WEIGHT (4-5 oz or 6-7 oz): 6-7 oz

Your order notes may not be included in the order confirmation receipt you will receive by email. Don't panic! I do receive the notes when processing your order, though you may wish to make a separate note of your customization choices for your own reference.

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